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The Universal Language of Music: Polish Drummer Wojtek and I Connect with not one word spoken

I have always loved interacting with people from all cultures. I have traveled to many countries, and it's most fun when I go somewhere as part of my work. I have recorded music in Israel, the UK, Hungary, Macedonia, Germany, the US, Brazil, Japan, China, Russia, and the list goes on and on. I love the different foods, languages, and views, but most of all, the music. (It is interesting how many hundreds of ways there are to create a chicken dish or soup.) It is tremendous to see how many sounds a stringed instrument can produce worldwide.

I created a concept called "The Forbidden Band™," which I will tell you more about in the future. For now, here is a short clip of me duetting with a drummer from Poland named Wojtek. I never met him or spoke to him, but this is the magic of music. It has its power of communication without borders or language. So here you have it, Wojtek and I playing together, yet we never met or talked to each other. Quite a concept, isn't it?

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