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Misha Segal


Someday Sweetheart (2022)  

Love is not a one-lifetime affair

Manhattan, 1978. Meet Jon Cullen, a powerful and ruthless coke addled executive at Citadel Records.

 One night, Jon dreams about a black jazz musician in New Orleans back in the 1920s. In his dream, the musician falls in love with Samantha, a feisty white pianist and the daughter of a fearsome Irish gangster. As his dreams of this dangerous, star-crossed romance continue, Jon suspects that he’s not having dreams at all but instead remembering his own past life.

 At some point Jon meets Sarah, a black piano prodigy. Jon decides to mentor Sarah, and after a while realizes that she might be a missing link to his past life in New Orleans. With his record-executive life unravelling, Jon embarks on an epic quest through music, time and memory to reunite with Samantha, his lost and only true love.

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Someday Sweetheart is an absolutely heartwarming and thrilling novel that follows the journey of Jon, a musician whose dreams guide him through two different eras. The intrigue of music and the drama of love are interwoven throughout the story, making for a truly captivating read.

One thing that stands out in this book is the well-developed characters. Each character is unique and fully realized, and their interactions and relationships with one another add depth and complexity to the story. Jon and Samantha are lovable and reach the reader deeply within their hearts. (keep your tissues close :)

Overall, Someday Sweetheart is a must-read for fans of music, romance, and drama. A truly epic journey that will keep you on the edge of your seats until the very end. I hope eventually this book will be available as hardcover as well. I’d like a copy for my bookshelf.


An exciting read with momentum, love, musical references, scenes, drama and mystery with links across different time periods. Engaging characters. I finished the book in one day. Two big thumbs up!

Amazon Kindle Book Review by Michaelzstuff

This is an adorable story with good character development. Recommending!

"Romantic good read"
Amazon Kindle Book Review by Amazon customer

Music and love are the themes of this book which spans geography and time periods. I started reading and just wanted to continue, page by page! That's the sign of excellent storytelling. I learned a lot about two different locations as well as two different eras. This was either fully researched or well remembered. This author writes with an authenticity that makes you feel the story is real in every aspect. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Hope it becomes a film!!!

"Wonderful story! I could both see and hear it!"
Amazon Kindle Book Review by Harriet

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