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A Refreshing Start: Experiencing January After The Rain

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Musicians love to improvise. Many people may not be aware that the grand composers of the past were also phenomenal improvisers. Improvisation found a huge platform in jazz in the 20th century, but going back a couple of hundred years, Mozart not only improvised well, but it seems that he improvised complete pieces in form. He had exceptional memory and after improvising, he would jot down what he played from memory, and so, were born a few of his sonatas. Bach was also a tremendous improviser. Many times, he would not be ready for his assignment for Sunday and would find himself improvising perfect pieces. I, too, love to improvise and do so in different styles. In time, I will put up different pieces that were improvised. For the most part, these are instant compositions, rather than meandering, random streams (which, by the way, are great too). There's nothing wrong with letting the mind take you where it wants to go in a free-form, random way. I just happen to, in most cases, create complete pieces or basic ideas. Here is a short one I just did a few days ago. I will tell you about the genesis of this particular style another time. I hope you enjoy this one, which I called "AFTER THE RAIN."

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