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Misha Segal

Award Winning Composer








Feature Films & TV

Awards + Recognition

  • Emmy Award Winner - Best Television Score: “Andreas Story” - ABC

  • Emmy Award Nomination - Best Television Score: “Look Away” - PBS

  • Black Reel Nomination - Best Film Score: “Mooz-lum”

  • Israeli Oscar Award Nomination - Best Film Score: “For My Father”

  • JAZZIZ Critics Choice - Best Music of the Year: “Connected to the Unexpected” (JVC)

  • Israeli Grammy Award Winner - Best Record of the Year: “VOICES” (CBS Records)

  • American Song Festival Merit Award - Excellence in Creative Songwriting – First Time on a Ferris Wheel



“I have always admired Misha Segal as a very talented musician and composer "Quincy Jones

"Misha Segal is truly a musical genius. His compositions brought to life the emotional intensity of my film "Reinventing  Rosalee". One could actually see the visuals through his music. This elegant gentleman is truly a gift."

Lillian Glass
Director/ Producer
Reinventing Rosalee

“Segal’s score is resonant and chilling …”
Hollywood Reporter

“…Segal’s music makes you bounce around in your seat…”
Hollywood Reporter

“Music is frightening and intellectually fascinating…”
Houston Post

“The film, Phantom of the Opera, relies heavily on Misha Segal’s bone-chilling score.”
Chicago Sun-Times

“Misha Segal utilized a highly thematic style, following the characters and their interactions with specific musical motifs…  I prefer the Segal score to Weber’s because of its greater dynamic; its stronger sense of larger-than-life dramatics and the sheer size of its orchestrations appeals to me more…” 
Soundtrack Magazine


Accolades (Cont.)

"With the new Andrew Lloyd Weber Phantom movie in theatres, I hope more people can start paying attention to this hidden little gem of a soundtrack. 
The main theme, played in Don Juan Triumphant, Graveyard Violin, and the Finale, is one of the most darkly beautiful themes I've heard. Graveyard Violin is simply amazing, escalating from a wonderfully played solo violin into the theme being played by the entire orchestra. Other highlights of this album include the songs sung by wonderful vocalist, Nancy Fontana: The Jewel Song and Don Juan Triumphant.  Misha Segal's full orchestral music is top-notch, multi-textured and haunting, which lends a dark and lush gravity to the movie. And it holds its ground strongly as a stand-alone soundtrack, which is probably why this is still available in stores.  Compared to the Andrew Lloyd Weber musical, I feel that this soundtrack is much, much darker and bleaker. To me, this captures more of the feeling of the novel."
Amazon review

I have finally found this soundtrack after searching for it everywhere else for such a long time, I would have to say this movie soundtrack is one of the best!! Worth the money and if you have some left over you might as well buy the movie because both are truly magnificent. 
iTunes review


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